“Burullus Magic” Solo Exhibition at picasso art gallery Oct-Nov 2017

Sketches, installation view, picasso gallery, 2017

detailed sketch, pen on paper, 2017

“My method,” he explained, “is to make a large number of sketches on the spot, and then back in my studio, I create totally new compositions that never existed before. It is about creating my own formula, my own lake, if we can say that.” 

Ghazala rejects the term “abstraction”. His style, rather, employs an ancient Egyptian-like “wisdom”, he says. “In their works, the ancient Egyptian artists resorted to simplicity, keeping that iconic formula that has never been repeated in any other civilisation. The technique,” he goes on, “is only one element; the artist’s vision and knowledge are equally significant.” And dedication to the landscape genre: “In many ways landscape artists are like fishermen or hunters who go after their prey. They will never find a ready-to-paint scene; they should be out there at different times of day, always hunting.” Rania Khallaf wrote on Al-ahram.org expressing her fascination of the artist's experimental landscape Art through his latest show "Burullus Magic". READ MORE

The opening 21st October 2017

the opening - the artist with his family

the opening - the artist with friends

a day after the opening - the artist with a visitor.

“Burullus Magic” is the artist latest solo exhibition which was held at picasso Art gallery Zamalek, Cairo Oct-Nov 2017